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I Love You switchables

"I Love You" Switchables Stained Glass Orn...

$14.95   $12.71
Adobe House Stained Glass Ornament

Adobe House Switchables Stained Glass Orna...

$18.95   $16.11
American Flag Switchables

American Flag Switchables Stained Glass Or...

$19.95   $16.96
Angel Gabriel Gift Set Switchables-Each Item is individually Boxed

Angel, Gabriel Switchables Gift Set Staine...

$35.00   $29.75
Angel Gabriel Switchables

Angel, Gabriel Switchables Stained Glass O...

$22.50   $19.12
Animal Barn switchables

Animal Barn Switchables Stained Glass Orna...

$22.95   $19.51
April Showers Stained Glass Ornament

April Showers Switchables Stained Glass Or...

$20.95   $17.81
Artist Palette Switchables Stained Glass Ornament

Artist Palette Stained Glass Ornament

$17.95   $15.26
baby boy switchables

Baby Boy Stained Glass Ornament

$13.95   $11.86
Baby Girl Switchables

Baby Girl Stained Glass Ornament

$13.95   $11.86
Ballet Slippers Stained Glass Ornament

Ballet Slippers Stained Glass Ornament

$18.95   $16.11
Baseball Diamond Ornament-nightlight

Baseball Diamond Switchables Stained Glass...

$15.95   $13.56
Bath Time Ducky Stained Glass Ornament

Bath Time Ducky Switchables Stained Glass ...

$14.95   $12.71
Beach House switchables

Beach House Switchables Stained Glass Orna...

$22.95   $19.51
Beer Mug Switchables

Beer Mug Switchables Stained Glass Ornament

$14.95   $12.71
Betty Boop Fused Stained Glass Ornament

Betty Boop Switchables Fused Stained Glass...

$22.95   $19.51

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