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Our ChemArt Ornaments now called Beacon Design
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Many Switchable Pins and Earrings (Jewelry) look like ornaments. Please read the descriptions, carefully. Jewelry has SWJE in the product code.
The ornaments are used for night lights.

Swittle Mini Charms

Swittles are miniature Switchables Stained glass Ornaments. Swittles are approximately 1"-2" in width/diameter.

A ribbon is attached to the Swittles so that they can be hung on a Christmas Tree, Wine Bottle, or even attached to a Gift Package!

Many of the Swittles designs are the same as the Larger Onaments used as night lights. A combination of a Switchables Stained Glass Nightlight and a matching Swittles makes a wonderful gift for a Switchables collector.

Switchables Swittles Mini Charms