Switchable ornaments are hand-made and hand-painted stained glass.  They come packaged in a Switchables box. Each ornament measures approximately 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The sizes vary slightly for each design. 

There are two types of ornament types: 

Traditional Stained Glass ornaments which use solder in the designs and Fused Glass Ornaments, which do not.
The fused glass process allows for designs that can not be produced using the traditional method. This method allows the ornament to be slightly curved on the sides.

The Traditional designs will contain just an SW in the product code, while fused glass designs will contain a SF in the product code.

The colors shown in the sample pictures for both fused and traditional ornaments are approximate. They can vary in color due to the process of making the stained glass.

No two are exactly alike!

Typically, Switchables are used as night lights.  Due to their unique design, they can also be used as sun-catchers, plant ornaments, holiday tree ornaments and as free-standing decorations. Switchables are also available in a Jewelry collection of earrings and pins!

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