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Blue Butterfly switchables

Blue Butterfly Switchables Stained Glass Ornament


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The Fixture is optional. You need the fixture if you want to use the ornament as a nightlight. (Gift Sets Include the Fixture)See Switchables Option Tab Below for Larger Image.

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Switchables are hand-made and hand-painted stained glass ornaments made from top-quality stained glass. They come packaged in a Switchables box. Each ornament measures approximately 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The sizes vary slightly for each design.

The colors shown in the sample pictures are approximate. They can vary due to the process of making the stained glass. For example: sample pictures where the stained glass shown is all red, the actual piece you receive could contain colors ranging from Orange/Red to Red. Blues could range from a light blue to dark blue.

No two are exactly alike!

This variation and marbling effect adds to the beauty and uniqueness of Switchables and why they are popular collectors items.

Typically, Switchables are used as night lights. The night light fixtures are sold separately and are specifically designed for Switchable ornaments. Due to their unique design, they can also be used as sun-catchers, plant ornaments, holiday tree ornaments and as free-standing decorations. Switchables are also available in a Jewelry collection of earrings and pins! The accessory items are sold separately from the Switchable Stained Glass ornaments.

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